Our Companies Positioning

Company Positioning:

With the enactment of the Skills Development Act, 1998 the Centre was registered as
An association Incorporated under Section 21 of Companies Act of 1973 on March 2000 and trading as
The new dispensation meant that certain adjustment needed to be made in order to accommodate the
different rules and regulations pertaining thereto:

  • A reconstituted Board of Directors has been appointed, reflecting the tripartite interest of labour, business and polical /Civil Society.
  • We aim on strengthening our instructional and learning programmes through proactively developing higher standards, strive towards improved quality to training and expansion of the variety of learning programmes and increased co-operation with the business community and industries in the SEDIBENG area for the promotion of economic growth in the region.

D.H. MILLER083 273 3249hentie@vttc.co.za
M.M. KOCHA083 273 3248mordecai@vttc.co.za